The Hateful Eight (2015)

“Move a little strange, you’re gonna get a bullet. Not a warning, not a question…  A bullet!”

The Hateful Eight opened with an ominous sounding overture and a shot of a crucifix that pulled out slowly to reveal a barren landscape covered in snow.  In those one or two minutes, with nothing but music, credits and snow, I was already loving it.  And it only got better.

The first two hours or so were heavily based on dialogue, but there wasn’t a single dull moment.  I would say that it was some of the best dialogue I’ve seen.  The entire carriage ride scene was amazing and I found myself laughing more than I ever have in an actual comedy.  The dialogue was written so well; truly a piece of gold of which I hung on to every word.

All the acting was great; and by all I really mean that everyone delivered awesome performances.  Kurt Russell (John Ruth) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daisy Domergue) worked well together and their banter was so entertaining and Samuel L. Jackson (Major Marquis Warren) was, of course, perfect and his character was very likable.  All the characters were dynamic and fun to watch.

The cinematography was really good; especially how the carriage scene was shot.  The music was what really stood out to me, though.  The original score by Ennio Morricone was phenomenal and he undoubtedly deserved the Golden Globe he won for it.  The music Morricone composed had a bit of an old fashioned feel and created an almost eerie atmosphere that helped set the tone of the film.

Quentin Tarantion’s directing and screenplay were both great.  I enjoyed how he narrated in some parts.  I also enjoyed how the film was divided into six chapters; an extra touch that added to the overall aesthetic of the film.  The storyline was quality, with a mystery element and some twists and the good guys come out triumphant in the end!

The Hateful Eight has a run time of almost three hours, but there weren’t any boring parts and I found myself not wanting it to end.  It’s a Tarantino film so yes, people die and yes there are moments of graphic and gory violence that made me cover my eyes. But, then again, it’s a Tarantino film so yes it’s a really fantastic movie.

It was wide released on New Years Eve, one of the very last but very best films of 2015;  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/10





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