Room (2015)

“You’re gonna love it.”

“What? “

“The world.”

Room is the story about a woman held in an 11 by 11ft shed for seven years, with her five year old son, born in captivity, who knows nothing of the world but the four walls around him.  What a disturbing yet beautiful and heart wrenching piece of cinema.

The acting is phenomenal.  Brie Larson was wonderful.  Every emotion she portrayed seemed real and genuine; the Golden Globe she won was well deserved.  The real star of the film however was Jack (Jacob Tremblay).  He played five year old Jack to a T.  I have never seen such a great kid actor who was so believable.  Tremblay is only nine years old and he took on a very heavy role.  Playing a boy who has never been out in the world, who doesn’t even know how to climb stairs, was a hard role, but Tremblay was phenomenal and really nailed it.  I’m very surprised that he wasn’t nominated for either an Oscar or Golden Globe.  Joan Allen (Nancy) and Tom McCamus (Leo)were also great.

One of the best scenes is when Jack is rolled up in ‘Rug’ in the back of the truck.  He begins to unroll from the rug as the truck speeds along.  The music and cinematography build up to the moment when he unrolls and looks up at the open sky for the first time.  There is just a moment when he’s gazing at the trees whizzing by and the sky, seeing all of it for the first time, that gave me chills.  It’s a really beautiful moment and Tremblay’s acting makes it.

The movie was based off the book by Emma Donoghue and the story is slightly disturbing and hard to watch; almost depressing.  But it is also extremely touching and heartwarming; a definite tearjerker with an up-lifting conclusion.

While it probably will not win the Oscar for best picture, it was a well earned nomination.  Room is a well done, well acted, well written, moving and really terrific film.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/10




4 thoughts on “Room (2015)

  1. Very good review ! I think you have the “it factor” when it comes to make reviews. In relation to the filme – I was surprised and my favourite scene is also yours my heart was beating so fast when he started running. Keep it up ! 🙂

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